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AnyRTS is software which calculates Radar Cross Section(RCS) against the ground, maritime and air target such as war vessels, fighters, ground weapons and missiles.

AnyRTS is software based on Window OS and supports the CAD modeling tool. It serves to model the target for analysis or to analyze the created CAD model by commercial CAD software. It has function to produce grid fit for the analysis technique. The solver provides faster and more accurate results compared to other companies. Users can conduct not only a basic RCS analysis but also provide analysis of high resolution range profile and 2D/3D ISAR images, three dimensional hot spot exhibition and extraction of scattering point through this solver.

RCS Prediction Of existing weapons systems :
  • The next generation ship and fighter constructed and designed with stealth capabilities
  • Analysis on the target scattering characteristics of enemy weapon systems.
  • Database construction by NCTR/ATR technology
  • The design of Radio absorber and analysis on its effect