AnyCasting™ is professional software for casting analysiswhich makes predictions possible on molten metal filing and solidification during the casting process.

AnyCasting Version 6.1 has been developed by collecting the user's opinions on unsatisfactory functions in version 6.0. As we can see, the version was updated not in a major way. It focused on allowing the user to approximate the real process analysis by adding some simple functions, without needing detailed functions.

  • Regarding a cooling and heating channel, one can set the condition for special panel like super-cool through setting the HTC condition according to each interval.
  • Exothermic sleeve and exothermic powder functions frequently used in sand mold were added.
  • Analysis velocity was increased.
  • One can draw a more accurate conclusion by combining several results.
  • If one uses Batch Runner, choosing the number of cores of corresponding personal computers is possible.
  • The color of Contour to observe the analysis results was added.
  • Observe using a result Trim.