AnyCasting™ is professional software for casting analysiswhich makes predictions possible on molten metal filing and solidification during the casting process.

AnyCasting Version 6.0 is more powerful in casting analysis than the previous Version 5.0. Its power relates to rapidly shortened time in analyzing, to automatic grid algorithm to allow to easily let user access, prediction on distribution of the molten metal gas, repetitive analysis on casting approximating to the real process, numerization of the analysis result and so on. They were developed to give users easy access to the software.

  • Provides faster setting with introducing automatic grid system.
  • Enhancement on accurate prediction for defect on air isolation through prediction on gas distribution and gas volume within the molten metal
  • Repetitive casting setting similar to real process
  • Able to quantify data which are expressed not only numerically expressed
  • Developed a function of quantitative analysis to be made to show only desired results area from certain results