AnyCasting Co., Ltd. is professional in Software, LED Lenses, mobile Hinge field.

Over the past decade, We delivered hundreds of copies of software to automobile, shipbuilding, heavy industries and cell phone companies all over the world through Casting Analysis software development and Casting process consultancy, and joined in development projects from Japan Nissan automobile, Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Hyundai Heavy Industrial Company, Hyundai Automobile Company. Based on accumulation of analysis techniques on manufacturing process, we established LED lens manufacturing factory at Gimhae /Pusan so that we develop, produce and deliver aspheric lens for ships, architecture, lighting and cars.

We also established a mobile Hinge factory at Daegu for developing and producing and delivered hinge to mobile phone companies.

We will not stay here anymore and move on to New Renewable Energy and New Energy Generator fields based on above mentioned two different technologies to bring on epoch-making changes in human society.

  • Company Name
    Anycasting Co., Ltd.
  • Date of Establishment
    11th of Jan. 2001
  • CEO
    Sung Bin Kim
  • Employment status
    100 employees
  • Main Business
    Software Development, LED Lens Manutacture, Mobile Hinge Manutacture
  • Location
    Software Division : Yangcheonno Gangseo-gu, Seoul City | LED Lens Division : Hanlim-myeon, Gumahae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do | Mobile Hinge Division : Seobyeon-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu