In keeping with the increasing demand of CAE, Anycasting Co., Ltd. is becoming prominent in all related fields such as casting analysis, the analysis of thermal deformation, analysis of polymer foaming, military raider simulation and so on.
We are trying to develop ourselves to the top of the CAE field, never satisfied with our current success.


AnyCasting Co., Ltd. covers(supply) casting simulation by thermal and fluid analysis, radar simulation for military, thermal deformation, foaming simulation.

  • AnyCasting
    Anycasting is a professional software for casting analysis which makes predictions on the filing and solidification.
  • AnyTX
    AnyTX is a software program which predicts the change on displacement and stress.
  • AnyFoam
    AnyFOAM is a foaming simulation software which predicts foaming, gelling, density, temperature during total process.


You can easily find AnyCasting which is coming into use in various industrial fields.

  • Car
    Examples of Analysis and successful consulting case in several automobile product groups.
  • Ship
    Successful consulting case through the interpretation of casting products for ships.
  • Electronics
    Case analysis and interpretation examples of various appliances thin thickness product.


You can access the recent news of AnyCasting and customer service reviews.

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    2015/07/08 Homepage Open!
  • Education
    We are inviting AnyCasting users to enroll in a software education class monthly free of charge.
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    You can download many resources related to AnyCasting.